Helen Blundell Timon continued

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Helen Blundell Timon is an artist whose work follows a great tradition, the tradition of skill and technical excellence. Her work is both artistically satisfying and technically masterful.
Born in to creative family, Helen inherited both her mother’s passion and talent for art and her father’s practicality and strong work ethic. Art became her real passion during her period spent in boarding school.
Helen’s creative vision has led her to travel to many parts in search of inspiration. Her avid interest in photography over the past decade has been almost a tool of her trade and a constant source of inspiration.
Helen gained much experience through her study of commercial art in London, however she returned soon after to her true inspiration fine art.
Her dedication to observing nature is displayed in the way she approaches her abstracts, still lifes and landscapes. Subjects like road side water pumps, old rusty tin roofed sheds and a myriad of seascapes and landscapes in Helen’s work capture light and form in a breathtaking manner.
In recent years she has become one of Galway’€™s more successful artists. Not a household name perhaps, but a painter and with a large and loyal following. Her love for painting has resulted in a vast body of work which has found its way into public and private collections in many parts of the world.
Helen has succeeded in her career through talent and sheer hard work. Many artist are blessed with natural ability, but that in itself is no guarantee of commercial or critical success. Great ideas and inspired visions must be carried through to completion. And the work must go on year in, year out, building a market and a following. With her children launched in their own careers, she can now concentrate even more intently on her work. Rather than rest easy on her considerable body of work, the coming years will see Helen Blundell Timon reach new heights with her painting.
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