Maria Mansfield continued

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Maria is a self taught artist and her creative instincts have been expressed in many media over the years but it was when she moved to the West Coast of Ireland with her family in 1982 that she really found inspiration.
Her appreciation of the rugged landscape and flora of Connemara and the Burren feature strongly in her work and are portrayed through realism but more recently with an abstract style which she feels captures the strength and dynamic power of her environment.
Maria chooses to work in a variety of media that help her to portray the ever changing moods and textures of the Irish landscape.
She has exhibited work in oils, pastels, watercolours, acrylic and also enjoys painting on silk.
Over the years of her active involvement in the Galway Art Club, Maria has attended
workshops run by several well known artists such as Kenneth Webb, John Dinan,
Victor Richardson, David Bellamy and Barry Watkin.
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