Veronica Joyce continued

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Veronica was reared in Galway city during the years of the second world war and remembers it all like yesterday. She was the eldest of seven children, one of whom was sculptor Albert Joyce who’s bronze bust portrait of John F. Kennedy still adorns the limestone memorial in Eyre Square to mark his visit in 1963. Albert’s wood sculpture’s may be seen in churches and McDonagh’s restaurant on Quay St., Galway.
Her father Tom O’Toole (whose family hailed from Connemara) was very artistic and Veronica says her art came from him. She remembers drawing pictures for hours at a time as a child of seven. In the 1950’s she moved to England where she married and had four children, returning to Galway at the beginning of the 1980’s.
She works mostly in oils.
Veronica loves painting Connemara scenes. She draws a lot from her childhood memories, like the Claddagh cottages. She does it all from her head, first doing the sky and working from there. Later she may add a tree if the painting is too bare.
She also likes doing Still Life, especially flowers.
She is a regular exhibitor at the Galway Art Club summer exhibition. Some of her paintings have gone to the U.S.A., Australia, Switzerland and Germany.
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