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Margaret Carney, a native of Mayo has lived her adult life in Galway City.
Painting and drawing are her main artistic pursuits. Her subject matter includes landscapes, cityscapes and occasionally portraiture. She enjoys capturing in paint the many landmarks of Galway city past and present. The human figure features prominently in some of her works.
She paints in a variety of media, including oil, water colour and acrylic. She regards drawing not just as an adjunct to painting, but as an art form in its own right. Her drawings are executed in charcoal, pencil, pen and ink. As an extension of the drawing process, she has also experimented with printmaking.
Margaret began her study of painting under the tutelage of Miriam Cronin, at the “Paintbox” studio in Barna. She exhibited with the “Paintbox” painters during the time she studied there.
Miriam at the Paintbox encouraged her to pursue the access course in fine art at G.M.I.T., from which she graduated in 2008, with a B.A. in Art and Design. She was a participant in the G.M.I.T. graduate show of that year, exhibiting large scale semi abstract drawings executed in ink, as well as oil paintings.
Her work has featured in the “Croí” Christmas cards, the originals of which were exhibited and auctioned in New York.
As a member of Galway Art Club for over thirty years, Margaret has exhibited with the club for most of this time, with the exception of the six years spent studying at GMIT.
Her current concern is experimentation with the painting process. She strives to give unity to her work by the use of a limited palette and by having all the colours subtly dispersed throughout the canvas. Balance is sometimes achieved by doing an under-painting in a contrasting colour from the colour family of her chosen subject. Capturing the moment and putting energy and mood on canvas is always her end goal.
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