Penny Cahill continued

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Penny has been painting for approximately 18 years, initially as a hobby. During that time she has attended several different art classes offering tuition in Watercolour, Soft Pastel, Acrylics & Oil, the latter being her favourite. Six years ago she embarked on a 6 year part-time Degree Course at The Centre for Creative Arts & Media (C.C.A.M) in Galway. Penny has exhibited her work as part of the Final Graduate Degree Show in May 2017.

Being a member of the Galway Art Club for the past 10 years Penny has participated in the annual Art Exhibition (following the footsteps of her late Mother). She has also taken part in group exhibitions at The Zetland Hotel in Connemara and at Castle Ellen in Monivea.  As a student of The Paint-Box Painting School she has taken part in their group exhibitions over the years and also has taken part in exhibitions organised locally by Barbara Kavanagh in Annaghdown.

Penny has taken part in various art related fundraising events for charity, including the 2017 very successful “Incognito” exhibition in Dublin.

Penny paints with different medium depending on the subject matter. Her current work is abstract in nature, focusing on colour, but she usually has a figurative or landscape piece in the making on the side! Penny has found that by using vibrant colours and a variety of tools to make marks, along with several layers of paint, the resulting artwork has depths of hidden illusion.

“For Penny Cahill, colour was a great unknown. She had always anchored her painting in representation and the realisation that colour might in itself embody space, might be everything she needed to make a painting, was an irresistible challenge, and a bracing liberation.” Aidan Dunne, Art Critic Irish Times in the C.C.A.M Exhibition Catalogue “13”, May 2017
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